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Why Wait For 5 Uses 2 Powerful Methods to Facilitate Your Growth



1. State-of-the-art assessments

2. Personal coaching



Our assessment tools are all rigorously reliability- and validity-tested and many are available in 91 languages.
We utilize state-of-the-art, cutting-edge neuroscience technology to provide unique and robust insight into  YOUR:
  • behaviors
  • motivators
  • skills
  • acumen capacity
  • emotional intelligence

This technology yields practical and easily-appliable information on things like:
  • what careers might suit you well
  • how to communicate effectively
  • what drives you (what carrots do you naturally like to chase)
  • what may be stopping you from success in your field
  • what your capacity for understanding yourself and others looks like
    and MUCH more.
Each assessment tool you purchase has been created and tested using the latest scientific methods to ensure your results are personalized and accurate and includes dozens of pages of insights for you.
Your detailed report also includes a one-on-one phone meeting with our Certified Lead Coach to walk through your results, providing insight and space for processing what you learn and an opportunity to explore how you’d like to apply what you glean.
Our Lead Coach is Certified as a Behaviors, Driving Forces, EQ and Acumen Capacity Analyst through TTI Success Insights.
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beachsumersaultFollowing the assessments you choose to take,  may choose to continue meeting with your coach via phone.
Your coach has professional training and holds a certificate as a life coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. With over 9 years’ experience coaching clients in the process of discovery, we offer you the very best in coaching to let your best YOU shine!
Tools used during coaching sessions (typically lasting 45 – 75 minutes) include active listening/reflection, powerful questioning, guided imagery, and creative discovery methods to help distill your choices so you can move forward, full-steam!
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