Our Tools

Why Wait For 5 uses 2 powerful tools:


1. State-of-the-art assessments

2. Personal coaching


Our assessment tools have been reliability and validity-tested and are available in 91 languages.  Each provides unique and robust insight into  YOUR behaviors, motivunsplash-kitsune-3ators, skills, acumen or emotional intelligence. Every new client starts with a Behaviors assessment.  After that, you choose what is most helpful.  Each assessment comes with a personalized debriefing via phone or videoconference with your coach. (Each assessment + debrief is 5 credits).


beachsumersaultFollowing the Behaviors Assessment with debrief, you may choose to utilize more assessments, and you may choose to continue meeting with your coach through phone / videoconference (2 credits/session) or journal exchange (1 credit). You choose which you prefer (verbal processing or written). This is YOUR process.

Your coach has professional training as a life coach and over 5 years’ experience coaching clients in the process of discovery.  Tools used during coaching sessions (typically lasting 45 – 75 minutes) include active listening/reflection, powerful questioning, guided imagery, and creative discovery methods to help distill your choices so you can move forward, full-steam!