About Us

We’ve got questions. You’ve got answers.

Why Wait for 5 is not a typical Life Coaching business. We don’t think you need any tips on how to run your life. We don’t believe in airy-fairy, feel-good motivational manipulation tricks.  We don’t have (or even accept!) clients who want to pay loads of cash to someone who will pump them up endlessly.
We believe in your gifts, your decisions, and your ability to be in control in your life.
We ask honest questions, use powerful, validity-tested assessment tools to challenge presumptions and help you distill the choices you have in front of you, so you can choose how you want to proceed.
Our clients approach us with questions like this:
“I hate my job but I don’t have the guts to quit. Can you help me?”
“Things are becoming really uncomfortable for me at work and I feel change on the horizon, but I don’t know quite what steps to take.”
And leave us with statements like this:
“I’m staying at my job but I have a completely different perspective about my job and myself.  This has changed my life!”
“This has been exactly what I needed during this time of transition, I had no idea that I had it in me to do make this change!”

Meet Our Lead Coach
Wendy Davidson believes life is too short to NOT be intentional.
Wendy’s passion is facilitating a process of discovery.  About work, about free time, about life. After years in her corporate job relocating expatriates all over the world, she asked herself “why am I waiting for 5 pm to come alive? This isn’t enough for me anymore.”  She  rented out her home, sold everything, quit her job, packed her car and hit the road, determined to go find what life had for her. She found herself coming alive, enjoying herself immensely, traveling extensively, enjoying the company of long-time friends and of family, and launching Why Wait For 5 and Healthy Teams Insights.
She has zero regrets.
50 Countries
A decade in non-profit
8 Years in Fortune 500 Companies
Bachelor’s in International/Community Development
Certificates in Human Resources, Life Coaching, Communicating & Negotiating with a Global Mindset